2021 Summer Vacation Notice for International Students

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All international students:

According to the university arrangement, the summer vacation in 2021 will be from July 10 to August 27.

1、We should follow epidemic prevention and control, strengthen protection, implement various prevention and control measures, cooperate with the management of teachers and volunteers, take the initiative to release positive comments and news about China in domestic and foreign media and social media, tell good stories about China, and be a good ambassador for friendship between China and foreign countries.

2、If students confirm fever, must immediately inform the IEC teacher. Adhere to the principle of not leaving Wuhan unnecessarily. If you leave or come back to Wuhan during the epidemic, apply to the Iec for leave.

3、During the summer vacation, students should pay attention to illegal loans, food safety, housing and transportation safety, fire prevention, theft prevention, cheating prevention, accident prevention and infectious diseases prevention. It is forbidden to connect power supply in dormitories privately. All the students need to learn and sign summer vacation safety notice.

4、Registration time of new semester for students: August 28, 2021. If the holiday time needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of the latest national epidemic prevention and control work and the relevant regulations of the higher authorities, the university will inform you.

5、According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, centralized accommodation is implemented for students staying in campus (sunshine). The opening and closing time of dormitory is as usual, the supply time of hot shower water is 18:00-22:00, and the charging time of air conditioner is every Tuesday and every Friday, shuttle bus is 7:30am from nanhu to sunshine and 4:30pm from sunshine to nanhu, student card charging is 8:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30 on August 12. Please arrange well about charging for your student card and AC.

6、During the summer vacation, there will be maintenance and construction work in the dorm. Please cooperate with the workers and protect your personal goods.

If you have any questions about summer vacation, please consult Alicia in 804-14 office. Tel: 027-59367367.

We wish you a happy holiday!

International Education College

July 2, 2021

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