Notice for "Voice of IEC" Chinese Song Competition

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IEC is going to hold a "Voice of IEC" Chinese Song Competition in late November. And here are the details:

1, all the students offline and online are able to take part in the competition.

2, students taking part in the competition will all have SEP point. There will be the first,second and third prizes. We will set bundles of gifts and prizes for participants and winners.

3, You would take part in the competition by yourself or team up with other students. The team members should be no more than 5 students. Each student can take part in no more than 2 songs.

4, Your song should be no more than 3 minutes.

5, You should choose a positive Chinese song and perform with good pronunciation and dress smartly.

6, Offline students must do offline performance.

Tips to get higher scores:

1, we encourage international students to team up with Chinese students, you would get higher scores by doing so. However three fifth of the team members should be international students if you team up with the Chinese students. International students should sing more than half of the whole song.

2, We encourage you to have various ways to present the song, such as dancing, playing instruments, shooting a music video as the background of your performance and so on.

3, we encourage you to sing Chinese revolutionary and patriotic songs ("Red Song"红歌) that are optimistic and full of energy

How to participate:

1, Offline students should submit participants’ name, student ID, name of the song and the background music (mp3 format) to Miranda (Miss Zeng) before 5th November.

2, Online students can participate by shooting a video of your singing and submit the video, participants’ name, student ID, name of the song to Janet (Miss Chen) before 10th November.

Looking forward to your beautiful voice~

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