2021 WTU Winter Vacation Safety Letter

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2021 WTU Winter Vacation Safety Letter

Dear students,

The winter vacation of Wuhan Textile University is from January 15 to February 26. With the winter vacation approaching, the situation of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad is still grim and complex, the scale of personnel flow is increasing, and the risk of immigration and aggregation is significantly increased. Although we have formed a set of very effective and rigorous response measures, and the probability of large-scale epidemic rebound in China is low, we still need to be vigilant. There are still some sporadic local cases and imported cases in China. According to the requirements of the <work plan for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival and New Year of 2021 in Hubei Province>, in order to improve everyone's safety awareness and ability, effectively protect your personal and property safety, and have a safe, happy and meaningful holiday. We hereby repeat the relevant precautions as follows, please read them carefully:

A、 Abide by the laws and regulations of China and the discipline and rules of Wuhan Textile University.

1. Safeguard China's social public interests and public order and to participate in activities which is consistent with your status in China.

2. Maintain the collective image of international students and do not participate in activities harmful to social morality.

3. Do not perform any kind of religious activity for example, preaching and religious gathering. It is forbidden to drink, fight, gamble, take drugs, spread, copy or sell illegal books, periodicals and audio-visual products in violation of public security regulations.

B、 Strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention requirements to ensure the safety of yourslef and others.

1. Wash hands frequently, wear masks, do not gather, keep a social distance of more than 1 meter, keep the dormitory ventilated every day, measure the body temperature three times a day, and actively take physical exercise.

2. Adhere to the principle of not going out when it is not necessary. In case of special circumstances, entering and exiting the campus should be approved. If students confirm fever, you must inform the IEC teacher immediately and follow the teacher's arrangement. You are not allowed to deal with it privately or go to the hospital without authorization.

3. We should adhere to the principle of not leaving Wuhan without necessity. In case of leaving Wuhan under special circumstances, it needs to be approved by the IEC, and must do personal protection and health monitoring. Returning to Wuhan from medium and high risk areas should be isolated according to the requirements, and the relevant expenses should be borne by yourself.

4. Volunteers are responsible for providing relevant services to the students. Other students should obey and cooperate with the management of volunteers.

5. Take the initiative to release positive comments and news about China in domestic and foreign media and relevant software, tell good Chinese stories, and be a good non-governmental ambassador for friendship between China and foreign countries.

C、 Strictly abide by the requirements of accommodation and management.

1. It is forbidden to use high-power electrical appliances and inferior electrical appliances in dormitories. It is forbidden to pull wires privately in public areas and rooms.

2. Save water and electricity. When you leave the room, turn off the water tap, air conditioning and other facilities. Don't let the electrical equipment stay in a long-term standby state.

3. The students who live in the campus should obey the opening time arrangement of dorm door.

4. Do not make noise and affect others' rest.

D、 Other notices

1. Pay attention to traffic safety, do not drive or take high risk vehicles.

2. When going out, especially at night, it's better to go out in groups, pay attention to personal safety, and reduce staying in quiet places with few people. Don't take a lot of cash with you when you go out, and don't store too much cash in the dormitory.

3. Enhance the awareness of prevention, do not believe in any form of winning lottery information, money transfer, Taobao swipe, etc.

4. Don't trust others easily. When meeting strangers who chat up in the name of introducing work and learning language, you should pay attention to protect your personal property and privacy. Don't follow new acquaintances to strange and remote places. Don't take strangers to your residence. When meeting suspicious or unidentified people entering the dormitory, you should keep vigilant and report to the dorm management(Shushu) in time.

5. In public places, tourist attractions, shopping malls and other places, pay attention to taking good care of personal belongings, wallets, mobile phones, laptops and other valuables with you.

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我校国际学生寒假放假时间为1月15日—2月26日。寒假临近,国内外疫情防控形势依然严峻复杂,人员流动规模不断加大,输入性、聚集性风险明显增高。虽然我们已经形成了一套非常有效而且严密的应对措施,国内出现大规模疫情反弹的几率较低,但我们仍需警惕,国内仍有一些零星本土病例和境外输入病例。根据湖北省《2021 年元旦春节期间疫情防控工作方案》的要求,为提高大家的安全防范意识和能力,切实保护自己的人身和财产安全,度过一个安全、愉快、有意义的假期。我们现将相关注意事项重申如下,请仔细阅读:

























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