Notice for picking oranges activity 关于组织留学生摘桔子的通知

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Dear students, after the sports meeting this Thursday morning, IEC is planning to organize an activity of picking oranges in Jiangxia district.

Date: Nov 1st, 2018.

Meeting Time: 10:50am

Meeting place: Canteen 2. sunshine campus

Fee: 30 yuan, It covers Muslim lunch, water, entrance ticket, transportation, insurance.

Process: 1. We arrive, group photo and have lunch.(11:30-12:45)

2. We play a few games together, we also welcome students to perform singing and dancing.(12:45-14:00)

3. We go and pick the oranges, take selfies. (14:00-15:30)

4. We take our bus and go back home.(15:30-16:00)

IEC give this orange picking chances to juniors, exchange students, language students and seniors who participated in the taiji competition and president forum. Other seniors who refused to cooperate shall not join us in orange picking.

If you are interested in this activity, please give money to Ali Ahsan who lives in 7B105 and register your name to him. We advise you to register tomorrow morning in the Chinese class break. Deadline: Oct 30, 14:00.

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