Notice for collecting English WTU publicity video

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Dear students,


IEC is collecting WTU publicity videos for WTU english website. The video topics are How we do research in WTU, What fun we have in WTU and What we explore in Wuhan. In How we do research in WTU, you can take lecture, research in lab, meet with professor, paper publication, etc. In What fun we have in WTU, you can play sports, sing and dance, attending different kinds of extra-curriculum activities, etc. In What we explore in Wuhan, you can visit optics valley, companies, etc. You can show your imagination in your video, but not limited to the content above.


You can form a team to get this video taken. The video should be within 2-3 minutes. You can only use clips but not photos in the video. If this video has any speaker saying things, you have to submit the content of the speech in the word and put subtitle in the video. All the files should be named as video name and team member names What we explore in Wuhan+Alicia+Simon. They should be sent to before May 31th. Winners will get prizes and video posted on WTU website.


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