Round-the-Clock Hectic Struggle of Chinese people against fatal Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

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The world is currently facing outbreak of an infectious and fatal disease called coronavirus or COVID-19 which is closely related to the SARS virus and is part of a large family of coronavirus (CoV).

Coronavirus are transmitted from animals to people with this particular strain of coronavirus thought to have originated from a seafood market in the city of Wuhan in China, late December of 2019. Symptoms of COVID-19 resemble with that of the common cold infected often experiencing fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. However, infection can lead to pneumonia, multi-organ failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome and even death in more severe cases.

The elderly and those with preexisting chronic health conditions have accounted for the majority of 180 deaths from COVID-19. As of the start of March 2020, there had been cases of this disease in almost countries across 6 continents. By far, china has been the country most impacted by the disease. According to latest update there had been a total confirmed 81691 cases of COVID- 19 within China and 3,276death due to the virus.On the other hand with positive side is that China recovered 72,844 cases. However, as of that time, South Korea, Italy and Iran had seen recent spikes in the number of infections with most of these infections transmitted within these countries.

The fatality rate of COVID-19 has been estimated to be two to three percent i.e. much lower than rate of other recent virus outbreak. For example, the Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS-CoV), first reported in 2012, had a fatality rate of 34.4 percent while severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS) has a fatal rate of 9.6 percent. Needless to mention here that the CORONAVIRUS is painted a " Most Dangerous Infectious Disease' as compared to SARS Virus in 2003 having 9.6 percent Fatality Rate. Similarly, in 2012, MERS Virus outbreak claimed the fatality rate at 35 percent whereas novel Coronavirus stood at 3.4 percent which was the combination of both these Viruses.

23 Jan 2020 at 10 am the world will remember this date and time when the one of the beautiful and biggest cities of world was locked down. This city also called a Chicago of China. This city is famous about its lakes and beautiful building. The name of this city is WUHAN. The world know famous proverb about this city is“Wuhan Different Every Day”because the weather, construction, technology and etc. changes daily.

NOW I want to share my personal experience regarding COVID-19 as I am still living in Wuhan (China) and am student of Masters in Wuhan Textile University. When news of COVID-19 spread, mostly countries decided to evacuate their students from China but at that time the government of Pakistan decided not to evacuate their students from Wuhan (China) because of trust level. This was the right decision of the Pakistan Government at that juncture. The Countries including America, France, Germany and even Bangladesh pulled-out their students from Wuhan and other Chinese Universities as precautionary measures but Pakistan stuck to its principle that the Pakistani Students stuck-up in China could have " Better and Improvised Medical Facilities " in China as compared to Pakistan.

I like to added that the Pakistani Students in China including our Wuhan Textile University are not allowed to go outside infect nobody can freely move outside without the permission of the Chinese Government as the situation is much critical here now a days but still the Government of China is doing its optimum best and utilizing much efforts to overcome this situation and now it seems so that they are almost successful.

The teachers, especially from International Education College, are always available for any kind of health hazard. We the Pakistani Students pursuing our studies at Wuhan Textile University of China provide them a list regarding our need-based Articles and they very graciously provide us the required Items from the Marts located outside the University.

We are the Students of Wuhan textile University of China highly appreciate and fully acknowledge the unreserved assistance of the University Teachers, especially the Security Staff for promptly meeting our requirements.

The Pakistani Students pursuing their higher studies in Wuhan Textile University of China are grateful of the Dean and other Staff of the University who are treating us as their own family members and we pray for their health and prosperity.

As COVID-19 spread from human to human so it’s a great risk to go outside in such kind of critical condition but the teachers from International College are still going outside just to help us and they are always worried about us .They are providing us free masks, Initially IEC was providing us free food. They are always worried about us and motivate us for doing daily exercises and most importantly they are much concerned about our health. We really appreciate them. I must say that Chinese people deserve Praise.

Medical staff including Doctors and nurses devoting their life day and night not only with their services but also with their physical appearance to overcome on this situation. The Medical staff of Chinese Shaved their heads including male and female as there were 90% chances to spread germs from human to human. Being a human and especially for females it’s a great initiative to shave hairs just too safe the people.

I have no words to explain the efforts and sacrifices of Chinese people especially the doctors who left their families, small children and homes for the sake of their nation who are suffering from this virus. The lady doctors cut their hairs, some doctors left theirs wedding, some of cancelled their functions with their families and they didn’t attend the New Year celebrations with their families only because of China. Even doctors didn’t go to toilet and for meal during their 6 hours duty. Some doctor was faced some allergy and rashes problem in their body but they didn’t stop their work. They sleep on the chairs of the hospital. This spirit and hardworking of people and doctors have able the china to fight against this virus.

When coronavirus outbreak spread, at that time my family was too much worried about me but at the same time they were confident on China that one day they will overcome on this Virus. Especially I’m compelled to appreciate my Father who said to me that“My Son, You don’t need to be worried because you are at your second home”. These words increased more and more trust of me on China and especially on Government of China. I believe that “Ups and downs are the part of life but we should always stay be positive and focusing of the improvement with our full effort so that our results will be definitely positive".

Being a Pakistani I was listening from my childhood about the solid friendship of Pakistan and China but now I experienced and hence proved that this friendship will never end.

President of China Mr. Xi Jinping who is the great leader of great nation is monitoring the whole situation and he is always too much concerned with the situation and taking report of every moment and giving message to his nation that be patience, soon we will win fight against this disaster.

During this situation, some person visited our university from the embassy of Pakistan. They said “Don’t panic, Pakistan government have full trust on Chinese government because they are doing their very best and they also have one of the latest technologies to fight against this virus. So, you are more save in China than Pakistan”. I would like to add here that recentlythe President of Pakistan “Dr Arif Alvi” along with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of planning had talked with us on video conference when they came to china to meet with President of China.

Respected President asked us about our health and about our problems. Moreover I suggested the minister send some top Pakistani doctors to China to learn techniques to overcome the virus.The minister appreciated the suggestions of me and promised to forward them to Prime Minister Imran Khan to contain the coronavirus.

We got news today that Government of China will open Wuhan from 8 April 2020 which means now almost situation is under control.

In the end I want to tell you that I wrote one article in the International news Paper Called “The News” Moreover my news has been published in many Pakistani English news papers.

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